Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tourist? That's all I got.

I'm becoming more comfortable around the city. I cant say enough how freeing it is to be able to walk everywhere. My Portuguese is improving, which I'm happy about. I can pick up small talk and formalities heard as I pass by.

The streets have been gaining pedestrians. World Cup, in Rio, is here. The fan fest is where fans from all around the world can watch the first game, Brazil vs Croatia on the beach. Earlier in the week, I was intimidated to wear any USA garb. Mostly because I was trying to be incognito, weary for pick-pockets and riff-raff. I cant say the same for any of the patrons from other countries, flaunting their respective countries colors proud! Oh yeah you bet ya, I'm rocking USA gear from here on out.

Wednesday (6/11) I went on a tour, the first stop was Christ the Redeemer. Very epic sight to see. I'm proud to have checked that off the ole bucket list. After, we took a twisty one way road down to the Painted Steps in this very artistically affluent neighborhood. From what I remember the tour guide saying, the artist committed suicide on the very steps he designed about 2 years ago. I took a pic of a tile that had a photo of him. No disrespect but its hilarious, as in, you wouldn't believe it, but you would.

After that we took a short ride to the Cathedral de Rio de Janeiro. -Did you know that Rio de Janeiro means river of January? yup, so back when the Portuguese were conquering, they thought the bay led into a river. But it didn't. And the foley made it so anyway. This also taking place in the month of January, many many moons ago. And there you have it. Okay so back to the Cathedral. The architect had a meaning to its industrial, ghastly exterior. I would describe it as an unfinished cement honeycomb. But on the inside, its so vast and tall. It has beautiful mosaics of paned glass on 4 sides from bottom to top. The seating of the church was 270 degrees surrounding the jesus above the ceremonial area. A very spectacular view to hold mass. The meaning intended by the architect of the Cathedral was; no matter how the outside appears, it's what's on the inside that counts.

Finally we went to Pao de Azucar which means sugar bread or what was translated, sugar loaf. To me, it looked like one of the hills you would pass by when you play Super Mario Brothers on OG Nintendo. It was a nice view of the water. I had a GuaranĂ¡, my favorite drink ever.

PS, if y'all got any questions, comments or requests? Things you want from the World Cup. Leave a comment, send me a message and I'll do my best to make it happen. Cheers.

this dude lit himself on fire, the artist who made this

like out of Judge Dredd or something

inside of the Cathedral

Tram ride to Super Mario Brothers mountain

Columbia representing. 
-See that dude on the left sneaking the Bosnia-Herzegovina flag? 
That guy was comedy because a bunch of Argentinians were taking picture with him. 
-They are playing eachother for their first games.

this was a random ad that had markers dangling to tag with.

i left my mark

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